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Robot JavaScript

Robot JavaScript is a simple and easy to use compiler that compiles JavaScript code for LEGO EV3 robots.

the Compiler

Open, Save, Print, Compile, and Share your programs. Works with EV3 robots right out of the box. Nothing needs to be installed on the robot. Just turn it on, connect the robot to the computer, and begin writing your own programs. Or, run one of the dozens of example programs that teach you the art of JavaScript programming.

the Language

Write code for your EV3 robot using a simple text based language: JavaScript. Dozens of example programs are provided to teach basic JavaScript programming techniques. Drag-and-drop code from the lists of examples into the editing window. Drag-and-drop code from websites, emails, text files, and shared files. If working as a team in First LEGO League, you can share code with other team members through the compiler using "code sharing". Or, view code sharing URLs in your favorite web browser. The compiler creates "descriptive" error messages (not cryptic error messages). The compiler offers suggestions on how to fix the errors.


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